Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Paypal urges the victims of to dispute charges ASAP! Your money back guaranteed!

Alan Rosenberg head of paypal fraud department urges anyone who may have purchased anything from the mentioned below fraudulent websites to dispute charges ASAP. Your money back is guaranteed.

Today, Paypal spokeswoman Victoria Schnauzer issued the following warning: We at paypal urge you to come forward and and dispute the charges if you have bought anything from these websites:

Victoria Schnauzer also confirmed that all these websites are fraudulent, and Sham. We have been flooded with charge disputes from all over the globe. The public and the Cyber Nation are now aware of this Royal scam. We at paypal remain dedicated as ever to stand behind all the victims that have been victimized by these con-Artists. If you bought anything from the fraudulent websites we have just mentioned, Pay pal will stand behind you and your money back is guaranteed.

Please, do not be embarrassed by the nature of the purchase, you as the victims have rights and now is the time to protect them. Dispute charges today, come forward and get your money back.

I am Toby, and I am a victim


Anonymous said...

Hi Toby,
This is great news. I am a victim too as i bought a love spell from Maria through her website. I've asked her for a refund a few times after 6 months because i still don't have any results but she hasn't answered my emails. I'm afraid that if i open a charge dispute through Pay Pal, Maria will contact the guy i asked her to do a spell for and tell him what i asked her to do for me. Do you think i'd still run the risk of him being contacted by Maria?

Anonymous said...

I have filed a claim in PayPal, but they're not able to recover any funds. I bought from Profesor Jorge, US1495.

Is it really true about the money back gaurantee? Can you help me please?

Anonymous said...

I have the same question. Can Maria contact the person I asked her to do the spell on? This really scares me. An answer please!
I've already registered my dispute with paypal. I am humiliated by this whole ordeal.

Anonymous said...

I went with profesor Aragon ( and paid 380 dolars.. to get my lover back.. and nothing has happened.. i paid him via paypal. Can i do something to get my money back??