Friday, June 1, 2007 is a Scam and Samantha and scammed me out of $4000

I found out my boyfriend was seeing another guy behind my back, I decided to search the internet for love spells when i thought i had found the most perfect website, it didnt work they said i was suffering from a past life curse. I paid several thousand dollars and my boyfriend completely left me for the other guy.

Months later i decided to look for another spell caster and found Samantha took almost $4000.00 dollars from me, no result whosoever, apart from my boyfriend has told me to think of him as dead as that is how he thinks of me.

What concerns me is not respond to my emails anymore and even worst i discovered at the bottom of there is a secret link to Furthermore i have found is being plugged on i have spent hours doing internet searches and i now reckon they are all the same person.

I found the gay website on a forum and now this new forum Psyforums has venuslovespells on it. This is the most cruel thing ever, High-Priestess Samantha wants throwing to the sharks, she wrote emails promising to get my man back and all she did was take my money. I now have no money and no boyfriend, i will never trust anyone again. Psyforums is the biggest scam i have ever seen in my life.


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Anonymous said...

Toby, I read your story on myspace. I am very sorry about what has happened to you. I am familiar with as I have recently ordered a spell from Profesor Jorge. He charged me $1495 for a reuniting love spell. Once he received the funds he failed to respond to any of my emails. We are in the same position and I really understand your pain. Better than anyone else, You seem as an "angel" in my life right now, somone I can share my pain with. Psyforums banned my IP address one week ago. Applied for many accounts and none of them got activated. They are ripping off everybody in psyforums. Hang in there Toby, we shall overcome. I sent you a message through myspace earlier, hang in there Toby and Good luck with your Blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you were scammed too. Thank you for posting your link on psyforums, I read it just before it was deleted. I am a victim too. This Lee Ann woman talked me into sending her money to help me. She told me that it would only take 2 weeks for what I wanted to take place. Then the time frame was a month, then another month, then another month. She said that she could get this to work IF I sent her another $1600 on top of the previous $1600 I sent her. If I didn't send her the money, she would see what she could do but wouldn't promise anything. Well it is 10 months later and still nothing. She gaurenteed that with the first amount of money this would definately work. When she asked for more, luckily at the time, first I couldn't afford it and second, I wouldn't have sent it even if I could. I have sent her numerous emails as well to get my money back but not return on anything. 

Lee Ann took advantage of me in dark days of my life. I have lost $3,200 to her and she ignores me completely. I do believe that there are people that are blessed with a gift and really can help people. Lee Ann is none of them. She abused me and lied to me. She took advantage of me and robbed me. It is a feeling like somebody raped me. I am so hurt and upset at the same time.

I am almost certain that is a scam

Anonymous said...

Toby, I cried after reading your myspace story I can’t believe anyone could be so cruel, that Samantha wants shooting and needs blowing up. I know Samantha ignoring your emails was the final straw but I am so pleased you decided not to do anything silly.

I am extremely impressed that you have decided to fight back with this blog and warn everyone about www.venuslovespells and

I have looked at and their sister website, both screamed SCAM at me but I can see how someone vulnerable like yourself might be taken in.

I do believe in spells, but and Samantha are scams.

Toby, you are a special person and your Mr Right is out there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am very sorry to hear what you have experienced Toby but I am now very worried myself as I paid Deborah of $750.00 for a love spell, then 5 weeks ago I paid another $1000.00 because she said my boyfriend has blockages and unless a cleansing spell takes place no spell will work on him and his new girlfriend will become pregnant and I will lose him forever.

Deborah is mentioned on the psyforums and after reading what Tanya says I think I have fallen for a scam. Deborah also told me not to communicate with my ex, I made him angry by not speaking to him, now he won’t speak to me, that is all her fault. Is Deborah Samantha?

I too found a secret link on Deborah’s website at the very bottom of her home page it says “spells” click it and this appears,, it’s another trick website, it mentions all their other websites (ones promoted on psyforums):

This is another review it mentions Deborah and Maria of probably someone else to avoid?

Anonymous said...

I am using Profescor Jorge he is on, I paid $1495..0 for a spell that was suppused to work in 10 to17 days, it is now 28 day aNd he wants more money,,
remove a curse,,This will cost $1800.-0 I was trying to geather the money because Jorge says unles my spell is cast by the end of june fiona will not returnto me and fate will be rewriten and she will start hatingme.
Is pissfesor jorge A scamming artist?
I am very sad, i paid $!495 for nothing maybe?

Anonymous said...

It’s all over the Internet that is a scam, a money grabbing monster. I was nearly taken in by it myself until I did a Google search for “psyforums”, and I got a nasty shock.

I wrote to both Jorge & Samantha, Jorge wanted $1495.00, Samantha $1499.99, not much between them. Samantha wrote twice in one day trying to win my custom, I was very impressed and planed to pay her, but fortunately I choose to look more closely at all the spell casting websites on psyforums, it is apparent they are all the same person. Jorge writes in the same style as Samantha, and once I showed a real interest in Samantha's spell Jorge failed to respond. They just want to trap you one way or another.

I posted on the forum “you evil thieving b**stards” and they deleted my comment in 4 minutes and ban me from viewing the forum.

Sorry Olatude I think you have been scammed.

Good luck Toby, you will save many from further heartache.

Anonymous said...

My fiance broke up with me because he say he don’t love me no more after 4 years. I find out he is with another woman and he leaved me for her.
I looking for spels in the internet and I find I read many good sayings about the witches there. I make my decision so I buy form professor jorge he charge me $1495 to bring my fiance back. He give guarnte and sayed 1 week to 17 days my finace will come back. Today is 7 weeks after the spel from profesor jorge my ex fiance is now maried to that woman she steled him from me. I send profesor jorge 24 e mails he not neve answer. I go to to write the story with him. They deleted my storie so I tri again for 12 more time and psyforum keep delete my story about proffessor jorge. I am veri hurt I lose 1 month salary. I am shamed for this. I am hurt inside. this psyforms and professor jorge is no good take your money only. Psyorums and profesor jorge is banditos.

Anonymous said...

Toby they keep delete you story. I canot see it. they delete it.

Anonymous said...

I know Professor Jorge is a FAKE, but can anyone tell me if Sharon Notre-Dame is? Her website is: I have paid her $1500.00 and I am waiting for results which are 3 and half weeks overdue and my last three emails haven’t received a response. I don’t know what to think.

Anonymous said...

I am usin jorge to, but now he has my money $1495 I paid this using western union, he will not say when my spell is gonna be casted. No reply to my emails, I thought maybe he was on holidays until I read This.
I do not even have any spell, just pais money not nothin’
I treid to tell Them using the furome it is called ..but it is true they stop your message from showing and being answred. now furom did not appear on my computer anymore???Please helP. Whats happening?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read these stories, Sharon Notre-Dame is a fake I believe, Jorge too. There is no way you can get your money back if you have paid by Western Union, though it might be worthwhile reporting the name you sent the money to and explaining it is an Internet scam. If you used pay pal tell them too you are the victim of a scam, I bet they will have lots of reports.

A personally used Lee Ann ripped me of $8000.00 in 3 months. I had a lot of bad luck and Lee Ann convinced me I was cursed in a past life and the curse had follwed me into this incarnation, it made sense at the time. The curse was stubborn and she kept needing more money until one day I realised what was going on.

Lee Ann gives you no address, where is she from?

Lee Ann is Sharon, Jorge, Samantha, Deborah and all of them, that is crystal clear.

Imelda, they have blocked your IP so you cannot use the forum anymore.

Anonymous said...

I too have been scammed by the forum at I am new to spell casting and assumed was an official website guiding people like myself towards trustworthy and powerful spell casting websites that had been tried and tested. With this in mind I decided to invest my life savings in two casters, Sharon Notre-Dame who according to has movie star clients and Professor Jorge who has won many awards. They both charged me $1500.00.

My case was urgent, my boyfriend of 10 years had met someone else and he didn’t know whether he wanted to stay with me or go to her. I thought by using two powerful spells he would choose me, he did not, actually he has now decided it is best he never speaks to me ever again because we rowed bitterly about this.

I wrote to both Sharon and Jorge to inform them their spells had failed 100% and I required a refund because my situation was now worst, neither replied, nor have they replied to further emails. I decided it was only fair to warn those using the forum that Sharon & Jorge are scams. I posted my warning message and it was deleted straightaway, and like lots of others my IP was blocked and my account frozen. This is not the way a real business would operate, it is cruel and mean to attack those who are already in pain and not able to think clearly.

My message to anyone thinking of using is DO NOT

Anonymous said...

Samatha took $1499 from me --I am stil paying of my creditcard. She said my case had touched her heart and she would prioritize it amnd cast MORNING STARXX and results wou;d be in 10-45 days. It is now 5 moths since this was done and results haven’t turned up. I ask venus lov spells com what was the problem, Samantha said their was a pyschic blockage and her blockage destrucsion spell -- $1300 would see to it in an instant an Carlos would retyurn to me and marry me. Instead Carlos has decided he to move to Australia with his new g/f. This is not good news. I tols samantha their was not results and she says more spells will stop him going to australia, but this time I must pay--$2500--, her guides said it would work so I paid. but Carlos has left the country. I phoned him many times before he did to aslk why, ?he evan said it was partly so that he wouldfn’t bump ionto me ever again. I thought it was bacfiring, until I read on the Net countless victim,s of samantha like Toby have been cheats by this wicked woman, death is too god for her.

Toby said...

Merry Meet. It made me cry to read all your horrible experiences and I am sorry that we have to meet under such sad circumstances. Thank you for joining my Blog and my mission to expose the scam.

It hurts me deeply to know that there are still people on without having any clue about what is going on. They don't know anything about what we know and we should get the word out. If you have any suggestions I beg of you to leave a comment.

I am so upset with psyforums and their scam spell casters. They betrayed us, lied to us, played with our emotions and ripped us off coldly. Today poor forstuff03 found out about Samantha and Lee Ann using the same Paypal Account. They sent Second Chance in to make it look like it happened because of a browser cache problem. Lee Ann and Samantha were in fact using the same Paypal Account and covered it up right after fs03 mentioned it. fs03 was absolutely right about his observations, too bad he is surrounded by all these fake people and doesn't realize it. I wish we could have saved him. They don't approve any of my accounts any more, does anyone of you have the same problem?

Yesterday, Ramona Mex posted a Keen Commission link. She is so obvious in her actions and so predictable like a little child. Money Money Money, that's all that matters to her. She is purely evil and I hope her love life is more miserable than ours. She caused so much pain by betraying me and backstabbing me so coldly. This is the most cruel thing ever. I truly believed in her. We need to get our money back. All of it. And I will not give up until they return every single $ I have paid.

{{{Hugs}}} Toby

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one suffering until I found your blog via a GOOGLE search Toby. I am so sorry to read your story and every one on this page, how many more have yet to find this blog?

My story is I paid Samantha of (venuslovespells) for her best spell almost $1500.00 and I used Maria of Angel Spells and paid the same to her, like many I thought if I had two different spell casters working on my situation results were inevitable. No, my boyfriend Tarquin wouldn’t commit and he put everything and everyone before me. Since the casting of the spells he has ended our relationship and started seeing a new lady, and he has told my friends he’s never been happier, so I did not get the results I desperately wanted, instead the reverse.

I asked Maria of why my spell had failed? She said I was cursed, the same as she seems to tell others, only my curse was going to cost $3000.00 to remove as it dates back to 3 past lives. I said I don’t have this money, and guess what? No reply. She hasn’t responded to my emails for three weeks.

I have found this blog very helpful, it means I can contact pay pal for a refund along with the rest of you. And those who paid by Western Union must report the name.

I didn’t join but I did assume what they were reporting was genuine. I watched it as a guest.

It’s hard to get over all this isn’t it Toby? The heartache and the scamming on top? I can see the pain in your face. I’ve lost lots of weight because of the stress, my clothes are hanging off me and I know people are worried about me.

I am looking forward to reading when you get your money back Toby, when we all do, but it doesn’t really make up for the emotional torture does it?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I cannot believe what I am reading, I was just about to pay $1495.00, I was literally minutes away from doing so when something told me to do a Google search on "psyforums", not even scams, and wow what I found: this blog, all those rip off reports, other stuff.

My goodness, I am in shock, I feel awful for you all and terrible for myself as I thought Profesor Jorge could help. I spent last week organising my money and looking forward to today, now I feel numb, like someone has died, my hope has died.

I wish you all well both love wise and in getting your money back. If it is any consolation Toby, you have saved me from being scammed. I am already in enough pain, I cannot cope with more. I’ll search for a REAL witch.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry to hear how you have all suffered.

I have ben trying to decide which spell caster to use and I have carefully monitored for several days. I have seen them deleting many posts including one from last night when it was revealed Samantha and Lee Ann share the same Pay pal account, that means they are the same person. I now think the whole thing is a scam and I am grateful that you have taken time to warn people Toby.

I think I will try to find a spell caster not listed on

Good luck to you all, you all seem really nice, it is sad to read this blog, but you have already prevented Shelley from losing money. I decided not to use psyforums’s recommended websites once it was announced Samantha and Lee Ann had the same pay pal account, though I believe they have altered now.

Anonymous said...

They deleted topics again today

Anonymous said...

Sorry Toby & everyone!

I too have been scammed. I paid Sharon Notre-Dame $750.00 for a spell 5 weeks ago that never changed a thing. Now she will not reply to my email.

I tried to ask forum members if that knew why I couldn’t get a response from Sharon? My posting was instantly deleted and I was banned for using the forum by their software.

The feeling is awful, to lose your chance of changing your situation along with your money and not receive any explanation. If the psyforums was genuine, they would state why Sharon wasn’t replying to her emails.

I don’t believe Sharon cast any spells.

Anonymous said...

Sorry chums. but I know how you are feel as i have been a victim of psyforums's samantha and Lee Ann. Lee Ann threathened to post my photo and personal details on the internet.

I did a ripoff report myself yesterday as I found it before your blog Toby.

This is my story:

Here is my email address if anyone has any advice for me:

Is there any group I can join to chase off the internet?

I must be psychic myself because on rip off report com I said they sprout new websites daily, and one has appeared:


SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, his website looks like all the rest of the scam websites, they are all too small. 5 or 6 pages only, and that includes the contact me page. High Alert. remember they have $3000.00 of my money until pay pal can recover it, I’ve told them about psyforums, they said they are getting lots of complaints.

Anonymous said...

I think RAMONA MEX is Samantha and Lee ann she is all those pretend witches. I only mentioned a few on rip off report as I needed to get my report on there to warn the world fast. I see you have listed them Toby, thanks for that mate, i missed them before.

Anonymous said...

Lee Ann is evil, she threatened me too. She writes just like Ramona Mex, it must be her. They banned me and I am so freaking mad. and took me for a ride. I should have known better. Before I sent out the payment I asked my friend about venus. He has been a professional Astrologer for many years and he explained that what she is writing is 100% wrong. In fact there is a much stronger Moon influence that will distance lost lovers even further. And this is exactly what happened to me. My man left me this weekend. 3000$ down the drain and nothing in return. We need to do something about them. We cannot let them get away with it? Most of the identities are fake: Ramona Mex for sure, Second Chance 100%, conjuer 100%, are all freaking fake characters.


Anonymous said...

Spells are supposed to be kept secret. Why is everyone discussing their spell so openly on a forum? You must not do that.

It’s blatantly obvious the forum is a scam, but from what I saw people are being encouraged to discuss their spell with others.

As a spell caster myself, I can confirm this is not the right thing to do at all, please don't, you'll ruin your spell.

Anonymous said...

What an enchanting evening, I cherish the idea of having a spell caster on this Blog. This is great.
I would very much like to ask you a few questions, so in your professional opinion when people talk about their spells how does it affect the spell, can you please explain?

And also what do you think about and their fraudulent websites.
How can an average person spot a scam like that?

I am sorry I am just very inquisitive about the spiritual world.

Please help shine the light on our darkness.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I paid even more than you because I used three witches from www.psyforums, Samantha and Lee Ann who were both really caring to start with, but not now. I used fire spells too by Isidore Banjoko because he does voodoo and I’ve heard it is really powerful, although I did think his picture was a little strange an old black and white photo??

Isidore has taken $7000 from me using western union, he starts my spell instantly if I pay like that, otherwise I have to wait a week.

I needed to get Karl to come back to me, he is engaged to another person now.

I’ve have 3 spells by Isidore, one by Samantha and one by Lee Ann. I don’t know what I am going to do now, I really don’t, I don’t have any money left or not much so how will I afford a good spell caster? I think I’ve lost everything, my money and Karl. I feel sick, sick and heartbroken.


Anonymous said...


Hello all I am here on to allow everyone out here to hear my story. And to warn all of the people who may be thinking of using www, I have been battling this heartache for 2 years now and have been trying to get my husband back. I have been to plenty of online spell casters and had little or no results at all. I have been using the forum since I have spotted it online. Thinking I was joining a community that was going through the turmoil that I have been going through. I was offering my support to everyone that was having issues with there lives and getting spells casted. I have been to 3 people on the forum that other I thought were recommending and how they were getting such great results. I first went to Professor Jeorge and he took me for almost $3600 USD. I went to Sharon she took me as well. Then was Samantha. She took ALOT of money. I am writing this to make everyone fully aware on how big of a fraud this site is! After they receive your moines they will reply for the first week or two. And if you dont give up more funds they will stop all contact. I have tried to post on there forum and let everyone know my experience but unfortunately I have permanently been banned. This needs to stop and something needs to be done about this. I do not want anyone else to get scammed from these sites that they list on there forum. They are ALL RIP OFFS!!!!!! They lie and manipulate people to think that there reading clients that are getting spells done but it is them! If you dont believe me please try to log on to the forum and allow everyone to know how much of a scam they are by posting the reports that have been made and I bet you will be banned! This is nuts! I wish i have not gotten myself into this mess. I am now going to be taking legal action on these frauds so they can not take anymore venerable people like me! This is one person that is not going to let it go. Looks like they will not be able to be playing there little con games when THEY ARE BEHIND BARS!!!! Report them to get all your money back if this has happened to you as well. Thank you for reading and any support if appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Tex, here are the answers to your questions:

Spells must remain a secret at all times because they work on a very delicate supernatural or psychic frequency, they must be left to grant your wish, not interfered with, analysed or discussed with anyone ... ever. Your subconscious mind knows what your want and psychically radiates your desire, your spell will magnify that energy and send it out into the universe to be granted.

To discuss a spell with anyone means you are involving another person’s energies, they are nothing to do with your spell and your spell will lose most or all of its power if you do. Your spell caster if genuine will tell you spells require secrecy.

The word OCCULT means ‘secret message’, occult symbols can only be understood by the witch or occultist casting your spell, it’s unlikely they will want to explain the procedure too much to their client as the less their client understands the better. So even the witch is keeping things secret from their client. I don’t want to explain more Tex, you aren’t supposed to know - LOL.

What do I think to the forum you asked Tex?
I think it is an awful and fake forum, being used to promote websites owned by in a underhand manner.

There’s lots of warnings on this blog, my advice is to listen to them!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I am so thankful that I found your Blog Toby, Good Job! You have just saved me. Thank you!
They are writing the good reviews themselves, there is no doubt in my mind. is completely manufactured. How I found out? Very easy, go to and press on the spell caster name. Under each review press on "report this" and follow the instructions. By doing so the website shows you the IP number of the person that submitted the review. Now, guess what? They are all coming from the same IP numbers in Sweeden and Argentina. Isn't that proof enough? If you don't believe me, try it out yourselves. They should be taken off the net for scamming so many people. We need to get media attention and authorities involved. This is FRAUD!

This Blog saved me from ordering a spell from Isiodore, hopefully it will save many more. Good luck to all of you. The net is full with information about them we should start collecting as many information as we can. Just the fact that they manufacture the reviews on and share the same Paypal Account throughout all their sites is a clear sign of fraud. Something needs to happen.

Anonymous said...

I used Sharon norte-dam, where as she gone?I am not getting any replies. I paiD $495 for her cheapest spell, but I still expected results for that money. NOTHING. Can someone help? I did ask the forum,but my emails are returned undelivered from them too, the address they give you when they authorize you account. I darent put anything on the furom if they stop your computre from working properly

pLease help if you can with advise?

Anonymous said...

I am another victim. I was scammed by Isidore of which is part of

I am really embarrassed to tell you how much I lost: $12000 because he talked of curses and blockage and manipulated my mind when I was in a great deal of pain.

It’s not worked of course. I am looking for a new spell caster, that’s how I found this blog. I urgently need to find someone real, and if they are praised on www.psyforuums I am of the opinion that they are fake. All those you list Toby are fake I reckon.

My next witch will need to cast a money spell first.

Thanks for spreading the word Toby, you’re a good man.

Anonymous said...

It happened to me too. 3 weeks ago I found a spell caster called Altea Mubbarak from She first gave me the impression that I was dealing with a professional, little that I knew.

I was in for the ride of my life. Anyways, My Ex fiancé had a one night stand with my best friend, and she got pregnant with his child.

In a matter of months he was gone with her. They both moved out of state and I was left behind like the unwanted child. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

Let me get back to the subject of love spells. This woman Altea made me a customized spell that cost me a lot of money, it put a dent in my pocket, I’ll tell ya.

She told me that my fiancé will be back in my life in less than 2 weeks. It never happened! I wrote her several emails asking for answers, she completely ignored me.

And when I pretended to be a new customer, she answered my email in a blink of an eye. I told her who I really was and confronted her about the fact that her spells do not work. She never answered me, and this is one of the reason why I am here.
Unfortunately I was stupid enough to send her my money via Western Union. She asked me to send the money to her assistant.

I did not think anything of it but When I first saw these reports all over the internet about www. and the scam they are running that is when I really realized that I have been had by a con woman. I am so ANGRY!
Do not ever purchase any spell form this woman, she is with the psyforums gang. I can not believe I shared my personal information with this thief!
You will not get away with it Altea. And yes is a scam and is it’s main hub.
Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

I used these websites all of them failed, some or all of them are owned by psyforums so please do not lose your money like I did.

Psychic Dena was by far the worst, she isn’t psychic at all. She cheated me out of all the money I had saved $4600 after I'd lost $2000 with the other websites & cheats.

I too need to find a good spell caster, if I can borrow some money from my mother.
Sorry Toby, hope your heart is healing?

Anonymous said...

Anybody who is stupid enough to believe in spells, psychic force, whichcraft and related nonsense deserves to be scammed.

Anonymous said...

hey toby, i posted on ripoffreport also. when you get the chance send me an email:

what annoys me most is that the forum is still going! THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!! The people behind psyforums needs to be put under spell and rot in h*ll

Anonymous said...

I don’t think an anonymous person calling those who believe in spells stupid is very nice, we aren’t stupid, everyone at some time in their life experiences something that makes them think ‘hmmmm there is more to life than meets the eye’. A medium contacted my Grandma in heaven and told me things no one could guess at. Is the anonymous person a member of the psyforums scam by any chance? Certainly they are as bitter and twisted, if they think we deserve to be hurt.

I was scammed by Lee Ann her website is on psyforums also, it is called, her spells start off cheap then become very expensive. I gave up, I couldn’t afford anymore, there was always some new problem that needed a really expensive spell.

I only wanted a guy I work with to become my boyfriend, but then I had negative energy and entities and things blocking my spells. She confused and scared me.

Maybe there are real spell casters on the net, but I am too afraid to use spells again incase I get tricked and lose all my money. I paid Lee Ann $1275.00 in grand total, and for nothing in return, how unfair is that?

Anonymous said...

No not nice to be called stupid anonymous.
I user the voodoo man Josue of, he said bad energy was around me, I must pay $800,.00, this is after paying $250.00, hes so unfair these man, I spot him on the pyschicforums you all mention too. What will happen I ask myself, this canot go on, peoples taking your harded earned money, so cruel. May the gods punish tthem for what they are donig.

I believe in magic spells very much, i have witness results in the past, it is just the forum is cheats. Some spells are real, i will use them again many times throughout my life.


Rain said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, I checked to find out the name and address of the registered person, but they are all hidden.

Look at what I found:
Profesor Jorge

were all updated on 3/24/07 and

were all purchased on 8/13/2006

How can that be?

Anonymous said...

Ramona-Mex, Kelly*, and a few undercover members on the forum are all a part of the scam, and I know for sure that they're sh*tting themselves and now trying hard to cover up all their sh*t and keep scamming their members. I mean; can't the current members see how they're being tricked???? That forum has had it! Stop using psyforums! Don't buy any spells via psyforums! That place is destroying peoplles lives! Don't buy any of the stuff Ramona or Kelly or Liem or Second Chance are saying - I have followed them for a long time and they're all scammers.

Anonymous said...

I was blogged from Psyforums and couldn't enter it again. Then I noticed the growing numbers of posts on how people are being scammed by all the promoted spellcasters on Psyforums. The people behind Psyforums needs to get caught.


Anonymous said...

the only true spellcaster I know is Aisha haadi, you can find her at

Anonymous said...

Oh no Aisha is not real, my friend had a spell cast, and he was not even treated well. yes, she was nice at first, till she got his money.. Maybe she is real for some but not for all!

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE. Do yourself a favor and spend your money on yourself. Your mind needs help. Go talk to some one who can really help you. A friend, minister or a psychologist counselor. It will cost you a lot less money and do you a world of actual good. You will not end up wasting your hard earned money and life will be much better for you in the long run. 75 years old and counting.

Anonymous said...

They now responded in psyforums to your Blog Toby. They say you are Aisha Haadi and she wrote all the stories here. Who do they think they are fooling? Nobody believes this Aisha Crap any more. My experience is way too real. Shame on you psyforums liars.

Anonymous said...

it's me second chance! and I'm not fake, this is a dumb ass thign written by Aisha!

Anonymous said...

Aisha is the real deal , after gay love scammed me , I found her site and she helped me

Toby said...

Second Chance, who do you think you are you fooling? Using my Name to post such BS? Is that what you tell your victims? That we are all "Aisha Haadi" ? Nobody is believing you. This is not about Aisha Haaid, this is about the scam you are running. We are real victims and we want our money back!

I am the owner of this Blog and my name appears in purple.

Toby said...

We appreciate your posting. In order to keep this Blog on topic we kindly ask you not to mention spell casters that are un-related to psyforums. This is exactly what they want us to do. They want us to focus on other spell casters. This Blog is about psyforums and their gypsy-style-scam. Please let's keep it that way.

Mitty's Post

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!#1 [....]. But I know that I am a victim of the psy forum scam. This blog is real and I am glade that I found it to. It saved my life. I was going to buy another spell off there thinking that it would be more powerful. I am galde that I found this blog you truly saved my life. I real forum would let you speak directly with eachother outside of the fourm. Psyforums dont allow you to do that. Also I was reading a post on there in the past about a person wanting to all get toggether and speak about pur expierences on voice chat. Guess what. THEY TOOK OFF THE POST cause the "SO CALLED SAY" They have had a session in the past and it made problems and one "SPELL" caster hacked all the pcs. What a freakin lie? This is a total scam. Why have some of the people been banned? Cause they dont want to ruion there rep. I gurantee that alot of those people on the forum is a total scam. I beleve that alot of people are with them. Some of them all spell alike. So again.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for exposing these crooks! I registered with psyforums about 5-6 days ago, and I posted 2 threads both asking about spellcasters who were not anywhere on their site. about 3hours later my IP was blocked, after googling psyforums your blog popped up, I am so happy I found you, I was seriously thinking about using deborah at, or, I can't believe that Professor Jorge is a fraud they promote that man like crazy on their site!
Good Job! keep it up

Anonymous said...

Looks like Psyforums is gone (for now...)


Anonymous said...

I have noticed that psyforums has been removed you can not find it.
anyone have any info on the instant love spell you can down load or get on cd?

Anonymous said...

Professor Jorge was supposed to have cast a love spell for me one month ago. I expected to witness results within 10 to 17 days, but things have actually become a lot worst. is down too, so I am not able to contact anyone on there who kept saying he was wonderful, there were hundreds of postings, obviously all fate?

Toby I think you have caused them to run away, you dared to say the truth, they are a scam. You have saved hundreds from great loss.

I can handle losing money, but not the pain of having my dreams shattered.

Do you have any news on the situation? I assume they have your email address and maybe they have written to you?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not promoting anyone. But I have taken contact with some people practicing Santeria.

I hope the members from Psyforums now realize that we were right all along about the site being a complete scam.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I was on the forum everyday, I am a real person. No I did not believe that was legit, It was pretty obvious. I was on from the middle of April under one name and when I started to question its validity and certian casters like Jorge and Altea they censored all of my posts and the negative ones about those casters were removed. I then signed up under a defferent name and watch what I said. I tried to be supportive, becasue that was what I needed. There were a few who I really thought were legit and recomened then, no one on this list. Its a shame they did this, I really enjoued the support from others and encouragment, and also giving encouragement helped me not to think about my own spell. They are gone now and I feel lost. Just like I did when my BF broke it off.

Anonymous said...

I do not know what to do - Samantha of has ripped me off for her biggest spell which cost a staggering $1500. It was/is supposed to be permanent and I wanted my ex back, but no he definitely won’t be coming back he is getting married in two day’s time.

samantha won’t reply, now the psyforum thing has gone. Toby they have really messed me up. I am still paying the money off my credit card, I am unemployed and sick with worry and the wedding ... it’s on Say 16th June., Idon’t think I can go through that day.

My spell was 5 weeks ago, my ex and I have been apart 11 months, Samantha said “oh don’t worry it’s no problem, I can get him back for you”. and she replied fast to my emails, that changed once I had paid.

I feel like I’ve never felt before, words cannot describe it. it might sound weird but this blog helps because it means I am not alone, but then I think I am bad for thinking like that. I am not a bad person.

I am just so confused and hurt.

If the forum, psyfuroms com has really been forced to be taken down I am pleased. If it returns, oh dear others will suffer. Please keep doing this blog Toby.

Anonymous said...

Simone, sorry but it’s back, yet they took it down and freaked out yesterday and posted on rip off report com that it belongs to Aisha. Aisha posted her response:

I know who I believe, and it is fascinating to read. I would copy it and post it here, but not sure if that is legal?

Sorry Toby I know I am not supposed to promote spell casters (I am not, I’ve not used Aisha), but I think this is important. Aisha has been attacked by these people for well I don’t know how long but they wrote rubbish about her on rip off report last year (read about it on her website), they even pretended to be her and wrote weird stuff.

Psyforums is funny, every time anyone says anything good about Aisha, they say “Oh it’s Aisha”, now you own this blog Toby, can you see my IP? It’s not in the US is it? No it’s BT UK - Btinternet.

I know this is about destroying psyforums, but they have said it’s Aisha’s website rip off report, so Aisha has to be mentioned.

I used Lee Ann of, two weeks ago, I admit she was nice, but now it sems she is a scam? Well she’s on psyforums.

I wonder if Aisha would be interested in adding something to this blog Toby? After all she is a victim as well, and this blog is for psyforums victims. Maybe you can write to her, and send her the blog link?

Please allow this comment, I think it is important that people have this information.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to read all your stories.
I'm a witch myself and a) I would never take such huge sums of money for anything - I need to make a living, but it's wrong to make a fortune from our skills. Like, karmically wrong - like the universe will get you back wrong. b) If someone came to me in pain because they'd been betrayed in love I wouldn't try to heal a rift with the betraying scumbag anyway. c) I would never cast a spell without the person present....I could ramble on and on, there's so much wrong with these people. I'm horrified by the exploitation of people who needed love and support and I send my blessings to each of you.
The only way to put these people out of business is to stop using their services. We all train for years in whatever skills we use so we need to charge an honest price for honest work but if I made 4k for a couple of hours work I'd expect to be hit by a truck. Love to all of you. I hope you find happiness.

Toby said...

Hi friends,

Thanks for your support which I particularly needed yesterday as I received some exceptionally threatening and frightening emails from the psyforums team. They demanded I take my blog down by midnight yesterday - or else. They reminded me they have my personal details ie my address. Fortunately for me I gave them a temporary address, so they do not know where I live.

They said Aisha was paying for my advertising? Weird.

I am able to use google advertising because I work as a web designer and I get free google adwords with web hosting packages. I never imagined I would actually use them, I have enough to keep my blog running for many years - LOL.

I thought carefully about what you said Beverley, and I agree Aisha is very much a victim too, they seem obsessed with her? Have you seen what they now claim? That Aisha hacked their forum, that’s why it was down yesterday. It actually says that, oh boy they are crazy.

Anyway I’ve filled in the form on Aisha’s website and asked her if she would like to add anything to my blog? We will see what happens.

Biggest hug,
Toby xx

Anonymous said...

They blocked me as well. There are a few (very few and not Sharon, Samantha or Jorge) good spellcasters mentioned on the forum, but every time I try to post on those threads, I am blocked - go figure.

Anonymous said...

The forum is back up, more people will get scammed, my heart bleeds for them.

I used Lee ann, her best spell was $1500, I notice they all charge that? well same person.

No results, nothing. No reply. I’ve given up on them as I now have a real spell caster helping me. There are some genuine one’s on the net, mine is very good.

Anonymous said...

Toby, I gotta give to you, man! Way to go brother. That is the American spirit... I just got my money back today. Pay pal emailed me and said they have ruled in my favor.

Thank you Toby. Love ya, Man. May name is Sam and I am also a victim. I am not here to add fuel to the fire but to tell the truth.

4 weeks ago I hired to help solve my problem, to make peace between me and my partner K. profesor jorje impressed me with “the nothing is impossible attitude”, and of course, just like everyone else he guaranteed his work and promised money back. Let me just cut to the chase, it DID NOT WORK.

A scam Is a SCAM. So with that in mind I would like to remind profesor jorge that there will be no summer vocation getaways this year. LOL... people are claiming their money back. So, where is profesor jorge today? You can ask Maria I am sure she will give you billion excuses just like the rest of us victims. Do not believe the excuses they give you. Like Toby said, go get your money, go get your money back now, sooner or later they will bail. I got my money back and so can you, Hurry before it is too late.

We have to keep it real. advertising reads like this: “You Are Pathetic" as the main title and then the ad reads like this ”did he dump you? Get him back with using love spells. Guaranteed!" That is how they got me.

Please be aware, there are no guarantees it is just a gimmick. There is no Profesor Jorje it is just a fictius character they invented.

The way I see it. and all there websites already mentioned in this blog are about to fall hard. THE VICTIMES ARE COMING! how long can they stall them? I think these shady duet of thieves made a stupendous mistake. They have ripped off people by the masses.

Good job Toby, Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Lee Ann of ripped me off..

She took a total of 4300.00 from me by lying and saying I was cursed and my case was extra tough - all paid by Western Union.

She is as you all know on psyforums, I thought it was wonderful when the forum vanished yesterday. Why is it back?

Please read all the reports or, they are frightening, and what about all those that don’t know about this blog? I prey they are warned in time.

Anonymous said...

Its LoveMiracles here. I have spent over $6000 on spells from these sites.

Today, when I posted that I wanted to believe and that I didn't know what to think, they stopped my posts from going through. Why would they do that? At a time when if they were sincere, they should be reassuring me, NOT causing more suspicion.

I really want to have faith, but stopping me from posting? Why? It doesn't help to believe.

I wonder how many other genuine members this has happened to?

Anonymous said...

I used a spell by Tasha on psyforums I have discussed it with my friends, does this mean it’s ruined? Is tasha a scam too, no one has mentioned her, she is on psyforums so I guess it does?

Please help, i cannot afford hugh fees?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have advice as to who ARE the genuine and good spell casters?


Toby said...

I am not a spell caster but yes my research indicates spells must be kept a secret at all times, it is an ancient witchcraft law or something.

Sorry LoveMiracles, you remind me of myself. Did you pay by pay pal? Try to get a refund, they are aware of the psyforums scam, but you need to make your claim.

List anything you can to warn others. Western Union names etc.

No this is not Aisha’s website, or Carmen’s as psyforums have now stated.

Aisha has written a very informative article:

Carmen has written a page too:

But neither has been in touch with me personally about this blog, they are most welcome to do so.

Anonymous said...

I am in shock, so psyforums is a scam after all? I have used three casters, recommemnded on there, just sent money by WU to Jorgee.

I feel gutted.

Anonymous said...

Lee Ann is the one I have been ripped off by, $1500, I cannot lose that I am a single Mom. I am scared.

I have lost all hope, my boyfriend of 5 years has left me, i turned to Lee Ann in my darkest hour, and oh my goodness, she has betrayed me.

I feel like I have a dagger in my heart, I don’t know how I am going to get through the weekend, it’s my little girl’s birthday too. I have the smile for her sake, but honestly inside I am dying.

Please if there is a GOD make Lee Ann return my money and stop all these people being hurt.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of psyforums & guess I am just waking up to the scam. I have not outlayed alot of money, but I want it back!. How do I go about getting a refund through Paypal? Could anyone advise me of how they did it. Please!

Anonymous said...

Sharon Notre-Dame conned me out of $1500 too. My blood is boiling, I want to write things on this blog that might cause it to melt.

How do they get away with it?

I hope by posting on your blog Toby it somehow stops them, or helps stop them?

B**tards. Sorry, I’ve got to vent my anger, I am so mad.

Anonymous said...

I used Samantha of venuslovespells com, no it didn’t work thats why I am, here.

She said too me i require a second spell i was shocked why would i if I have paid $1499.00 for a spell that does everything. you get six wishes, i included for nothing to stop my spell working, so i am thinking thisis a swize. so i complained and she just says, not my fault your case is hard, its your lack of faith causing an hold up. Lack of faith, i paid 1499.00 in good faith. she on pysforums. yes thats why i thought would be okay becos it was supposed to be offically advising or seemed they way rating spell casters.

Anonymous said... took $250 from me, now no reply to my emails.

No one has mentioned this website so far, but it’s on psyforums.

My experience was bad, two emails for $250.00 it makes you think.

Anonymous said...

I had a big spell with Lee Ann, it was $1500 I assumed it was so expensive because she was an expert, how wrong I was.

I had a spell to bring my ex back, but he hasn’t come back. I am disable, the shouldn’t take money off people who are already in trouble. I did tell Lee Ann part of the problem was my disabillties, so she knows I am extra vunerable. They are just so heartless.

I have given up on my ex returning, I really don’t think he cares for me anymore. And as for getting my money back, it was western union, I am faxing my receipt to you Toby later today to see how you can help there.

Anonymous said...

I told all my friends I had used (cost me $795.00 not $250.00, why was that?). A net search reveal s this is an error, look at this about wishbones:

The person who gets the "long half" of the wishbone will have his or her wish "come true." If the wishbone breaks evenly, both parties get their wishes. In some families it is said that the wish will only come true if it is not revelaed to anyone. (The belief that a wish must be kept secret to ensure its fulfillment also occurs in "first star" and birthday candle wishing rituals)

I got this from

So true my Grandma made me birthday cakes and I had the blow my candles out and make my wish, never tell a soul she would say., or it will not come true., want more money, now I found they are on this scam forum thing getting people to talk about their spells. what are they doing to us? Nothing will work if others know.

Anonymous said...

Dear toby I just want to let you know what a good thing you have started with this blog you are blovley looking guy and I know one day you will find someone special I know you dont feel like that now because I really miss my boyfriend and it hurts but one day and I know I will get through the pain. I also want to say to terri you brought tears to my eyes be strong my darling I know the pain you are feeling also to anne I am very sad to hear your story. Its so bad that you cannot trust people these days I have been searching the internet for a true spellcaster but have noticed that only one or two have addresses and the ones that do I am too scared to approach Tina U.K

Anonymous said...

The mods on Psyforums are absolute LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they blocked me for uttering my opinion because I was being scammed. My post was deleted and I was blocked (all within 10min). Yet they still sit in the forum scamming others for $$$ - DON'T BUY ANY SPELLS FROM PSYFORUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They take your money and give you NOTHING in return! STOP USING THE FORUM. DON'T GIVE IT ANY SUPPORT.

There are good spell casters out there. I personally have taken contact to some Santeria people! In any case, DON'T support - they're SCAM!

Anonymous said...

I used Sharon Notre-Dame: PERMANENT love spell - results normaly in 5-45 days - permanent effects: 1,500$US

It never worked even after 70 days, now she’s gone. I post on psyforums, where has Sharon gone? and they deleted it and banned me.

There’s no ponit in me trying to contact them as i have been scamed paid by western union, so I have lost out in every way. Love spell failure and money gone. I am only 18 and lost my savings, maybe it serves me right for being a fool?

Anonymous said...

I used and sent the money to Argentina, his mother he said:
Elisa Araquelian

Pinky pretended to be my friend, but she is in on the act. So Evil these people.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wish I had come across this blog before. I had Josue of Real Voodoo cast a spell 500usd - to date nothing and I also paid 1500usd to sharon notre dame = again nothing. When I came across Psyforums I was really excited reading all the successes of the spellcasters but suddenly as the days went by I started to feel very negative about what I was reading, noticing that some of the posts were being deleted. I too feel totally and utterly gutted by all this. I feel sick just looking in the Psyforum. I really think they are all fake.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on and it automatically redirected to

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, I registered on At first, I supported a lot of the heartbroken pple, because I was heartbroken myself. Actually, I still do. We should stick and support each other. Anyway I started to question about the karma, about the e-mails (yahoo-gmail-accounts...) which is suspicious. I suddenly could not post ANYTHING. I sent a few mails, and the admins NEVER replied me.. Now I am back on the site, but I gave myself another name..

Anonymous said...

I disputed charges today with Paypal. They did not send me products and it was very easy. Paypal transfered me to Fraud Department and I filed an official complaint for them. They know they are the same people as Donald Yung, they asked me for it. I am from Argentina too, and will look at the address. My primo is in San Isidore, he works for local policia. We have also nice people in Argentina, Maria Magdalena Nirenstein is the devil.

Anonymous said...

I am so empty now, this people have caused me so much pain. I ordered 3 spells from their top casters and they all failed. Nothing, I got nothing left. No money and no family. No access to psyforum. They've taken it all. l;ksjfpoiesjfl;akdjslfkj I am so empty and so upet and hurt.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a spell from Lee Ann last year. I paid $69 and after she got the money she never responded. When I asked for my money back she sent me a curse. I knew right away that something wasn't right with psyforums, how could anyone have anything good to say this woman. Hope she gets caught for doing this to people. I filed a Paypal Dispute but Paypal ruled in their favor.. it was after 90 days. Good luck to you. It hurts bad in the beginning but it gets better after a while. I am only feeling sorry for her now. What goes around comes around. Hers is coming. These are laws of nature

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been banned too. They did it to me 2 weeks ago. I cannot stop crying over this. I have lost all faith and believe they are criminals. Trying to get to another computer tomorrow to warn others in psyforums. Let's see how long it takes them to delete it.

Anonymous said...

LoveMiracles I saw your name back on the forum - is it really you or are they using your name? Please confirm and explain this to us. Oh I feel faint, thinking it’s them pretending to be you.

If psyforums are arrested their computers will be seized and private information will be read by the policia.
Ooo, I am so scared thinking this, my family are religious and will crucify me if they find out. Also yes spells must be kept a secret and even though I have been scammed out of $1950 by Jorge and $4500 by Sharon I do have another spell by a real caster, she is helping (really good, has real powers, results are starting to appear) but it will be ruined if the police read I am using spells.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see the police report, it will reveal all the fake identities. Hopefully one will gather a mug shot of Maria... this would at least give me some justice.

I am glad you found a good caster, once I get my money back I will look for one as well. Too bad you are not allowed to talk about it.

Good luck to all of you and keep a positive outlook. Don't let this pull you down. It may be hard to accept at first but it is something we are all able to deal with. We are strong, we will survive this, we will get our money back and we will search for an honest spell caster. I wish we could have a group hug right now.

Love Emily

Anonymous said...

Cindi, its LoveMiracles here. Yes, I am the same person as from the forum. I believed in it all, and even after all of these reports came out, I STILL wanted to believe, but what was the last straw for me was when they stopped me from posting! That to me is extremely suspicious! All I did was query them and ask for some reassurance, and that was enough for them to ban me. So I can't post on the old site anymore. But yes, its definitely me.

Hugs to everyone here, I feel your pain. I know what its like to invest so much time, money and energy and then find out that your last hopes are lost.

Anonymous said...

venuslovespells nicked 1499.99 from me, that cow samatha took money i could’ve used for my two boys, I was trying to get their mother to return to the family home, she’s suffering from depression and is confussed samanth wrote lovely emails until I sent the funds by western union. then she harped on abot curses and dark energy and demonic energy. she will not get away with I , I am going to destroy her.

money sent to:Osvaldo Jorge Marchioni
Lanus - Buenos Aires

I hope the F**kers get arrested as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

I to have been sucked into the psyforum scam, I truly believed I had found something special. I lodged a complaint with Paypal last night so I am hoping to get a refund. Surprisingly I have not heard from my caster who I would have though by now would have sent me a nasty email with all sorts of vile threats – nothing. I did bother telling him I just lodged the complaint.

I do believe there are real people, in real pain (like me) on that site and I am going to miss chatting with them. So if you arrive here as I have and would like to catch up I can be contacted at . Funnily enough it was the sites own post about you Toby that lead me here, but I guess my foot was half way out the door when I noticed they would automatically change my post. I would type ‘fraud’ and ‘lovely’ would be there when my post was uploaded. This pissed me no end, and I never got a reply as to why they were doing this. I haven’t been banned yet but I bet once this is posted I will be.

I am still looking for a serious spell caster, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. I want a real caster and I can be contacted at

Thank you Toby for lifting the veil and I wish everyone love and happiness, as we have already been put through the wringer!

Anonymous said...

I am very concerned about keeping my spell a secret. I wrote to a witch not part of psyforums and she replied “Oh yes you must keep everything top secret, never tell anyone you are even thinking about spells.”

Well I figurede this was okay to ask as I used Maria of mmh she made me send money to a guy in sweden, cannot find my west uni receipt, but it was Sweden some city, yet she appears to be from Argentina and her website is in Spanish.

What language do they talk in argentina - spanish or swedisH. this is a big clur to Maria being a real scam.

I lost $895.;00, never worked.
I learn the truth too late.

Anonymous said...

Where is Sharon Notre-Dame? And more to the point where are my results? They should’ve been here three weeks ago, but things are much worst than before my spell was cast.

There’s no hope for me is there? I Paid $1600 by Western Union - sent to Argentina.

I hope she is soon arrested.

Toby said...

Hi Friends,

I am getting a lot of posts I cannot include because the websites you mention aren’t on psyforums. I know some of you have had great results with x, y and z, but I cannot promote anyone, if I do bad spell casters will post fake good reviews about themselves.

And those of you that have been ripped off elsewhere, I am extremely sorry and my heart goes out to you, but this blog must focus on psyforums scams for now at least anyway.

I am also receiving a large number of messages I am being asked not to post because victims of psyforums are afraid. Please use fake names and post your stories, they will help - we will fight this together, we will protect each other.

I know this blog is helping because since I created it I have received numerous messages of thanks from people who were just about to pay Jorge, Sharon, Lee Ann or one of the other fake witches a large sum of money but found this blog in time. Some have even offered to fund the advertising - thank you, it’s very much appreciated, but I think I have plenty of credit from my job as a website designer to keep me going for sometime yet.

I am touched by all of your good wishes, it’s just a shame we had to meet under such unfortunate circumstances.

Love, Hugs & Kisses, Toby :-) xxx

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that so many people were scammed
I ordered a spell from Profesor Jorge 5 weeks ago and my situation got worse and worse. We are not even on speaking terms any longer. I paid 1495 for a sham spell and will contact Paypal first thing Monday morning. They did not send me anything, and they have no signature of mine. Thank you for this Blog Toby, I am glad to know the truth.

Anonymous said...

In September I was having love problems, I didnt know who to turn to so i went online and searched for psychics maybe to get some kind of reading or advice, i happen to stumble on Anyways she dropped the bomb on me and said she can only help me for $3,000.00
I said wow, that was a lot, i mean im just an ordinary worker, i dont make anything close to $20.00 per hour and here she is asking for 3 grand and she se's its guaranteed, she se's after i pay her $3,000.00 he will come to me and we will live together, be happy and get married and have kids...well its already June 2007 and NO me and my ex are not together, matter of fact we have stopped communicating since Lee Ann started her work.
well she said all this work will be done in 3 weeks...well its a lie coz nothin happened, as matter of fact after 3 weeks ago he called me back asking for more money, thats when i knew she was fake, and she hasnt done anything, she finally told me she cant help me and and she needs more money so i knew that was a sign that she was a FAKE
anyways if u dont believe me u can contact her and do ur own investigation, she does a crappy psychic reading
try her, no harm done, she's so fake she'll praobably ask u for $5000.00 GUARANTEED! hope this helps, i dont want any broken hearted to stumble on her coz u will end up more broke...hearted and penniless!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Toby, I didn't know what to believe at first but after reading everything that's out there on them I truly believe this is a scam operation with many people on it. It surprises me that nobody can post in seems like only the fake names can write. Keep up the good work.

I paid Profesor Jorge $1495 and didn't receive any emails since the cast.

Did anyone hear from Profesor Jorge within the last week? Is he gone already?

My heart goes out to all of you, we were robbed by criminals. It's so sad and heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Well, first I got scammed by another spell-caster prior to this, so I was desperate.
I was e-mailing around trying to find a legit. spell-caster. Then, I stumbulled upon this Altea women. Her prices seemed fair, and she seemed extremeley friendly in her emails. She offered me AS MANY spells as I wanted for anything and everything, for the price of
$995, wired through westernunion. I then emailed her with the request to cast 7 or 8 different spells. I felt it was a good deal
because normally i've heard about spellcasters charging thousands of dollers for a just one spell. Little did I know, I was the next
victum of fraud. I was still in high school at the time, so I didn't have much to spend. She guaranteed that I would see results in 48 hours, and FULL results in 7 days. I then called her 4 days later, because I didn't recieve a reply from my emails. Then she said there was a "family curse" around me which will prevenet any spell from working and only she could remove it.

She also advised me not to tell my parents or anyone about this, because "god would be angry". Feeling pressured, I missed school that day and wired her another 1495. She never replied to any of my emails since. After reading your messages, I just gave up because I knew it was a scam. I mean $3000 is a lot of money, especially for me being only 17 in high school with a part time job, I took money out of my colleges savings for her. Not to mention the negative things she implied I had to do

I advise anyone to stay away from this woman, and especially teens, if this ever happens to you, DON’T GIVE IN. Your pride is worth much more than a few spells. I'm not even sure if what she did was legal, concidering I am a minor at the time of the incident. Just please don't get scammed by her. Also some general tips or nyone intrested in persuing spellcasting.. Whenever possible, Pay by credit card or paypal, because if you get scammed, you always do have the option or getting a recourse and recieving your money back legally through your
paypal or your CC processor. Try and refrain from wireing money through Western Union.. To easy of a scam and no way of receiving money back without extensive legal action.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I agreed to Profesor Jorges largest package at 1495 a piece. He doesn't even try to be nice and he is very rude and unfriendly. He promises the world, and gives you a spwcific time table. When NOTHING happens, he denies his own words...even if you send him his own words and promises. STAY AWAY FROM profesorjorge.ccom. A total rip off artist!!!!!

I hope you all get your money back, better safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

Hi, as others have said, I am still looking for a serious and genuine spellcaster, so if anyone has any suggestions, I can be emailed on

Also, if anyone wants to chat, you can contact me on that email as well.

Best wishes and hugs, LoveMiracles

Anonymous said...

I am getting goose bumps reading your messages. When I first e-mailed Sharon, she said she could help me for $1499. She promised 100% guarenteed results and a refund if I don't see results in 3-9 days. I sent her the money by paypal and she emailed me and said she would start my spell. After about a week with no response, I e-mailed her and she emailed me back saying that I would be seeing results in the next week. She also said these results might not be permement because there is "negative energy blocking white light from entering my life". She said there is also a slight chance the spells won't work unless she removes the negativity. She requested an additional $1499 to remove this and said that I would see results soon. After about 5 weeks with no results, she said that she needed an additional $500 to make the spell work. I then said that I would like my money back and I could not afford it. She then replied to my email saying "Get lost". She just replied with those 2 words in an email, and she never replied to any of my emails. This site is a big fraud, please stay away. They can run, but they can't hide from the damage they have done, they will be facing legal penalties very soon.

Anonymous said...

Being a experienced Witch, It saddens me to no end that there are people are like that, they use the craft for there advantage and give honest Witches a bad name, I believe that spells should NEVER EVER cost that much if any at all, I can guarantee that they will get whats coming to them!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about Embrya. I have seen on another spell casters site she is part of the ring. Does anyone know, I just bought a spell and even though at $60 it is not very much compared to rest of you guys, it is alot to me. My spell has not been cast so maybe I can get my money back from PayPal

Anonymous said... has another website by the name of same
people. havent recieved anything from the spell that Prof. Jorge cast for me. Guaranteed a week! Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Do you want a spell done for you? If so, do not use Altea aka Lea Ann aka Psychic Dena. This woman will have you to send her money via western union and then after a few days she will then tell you that she’s raising money because other things has came up in the work. Then she will say send more money and if you don’t she will take your request and turn it on you, by trying to make your life a living hell. Don’t give her your real email address because she will email you, cursing and claiming your man. She is very evil and there are good people out there to help you, you just have to keep searching for the right one like I did. She claims to have your problem solved in just one day. No one can give you that kind of claim; if God doesn’t how can this witch! Believe what I’m saying because it is so true. Do not allow yourself to be harassed, this woman will have you dreaming bad dreams and acting crazy. She will do bad things to you and any other person involve. PLEASE BEWARE this is a sick minded person.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Toby for putting this Blog up, I almost purchased a spell from Sharon 2 weeks ago. Something didn't feel right and I didn't go through with it. You can imagine how glad I am after reading all your horrible experiences. I am so glad I am now working with a real witch that customized a very powerful spell for me. She needed detailed information and materials from me, much more than Sharon was asking for. I am feeling really good with that person. She is very positive and very spiritual. I am spending hours every day surfing her website. Don't give up people, there are real witches out there that can help. My situation has already improved.

Get your money back from the psyforums criminals and keep searching.

Anonymous said...

Proff Jorge agreed I could pay for my spell in two parts, the second part is due next week. I asked him why is there all these stories saying FAKE he replied ’be careful of those forums’, that’s crazy as from what I have read he is the forum?

I think maybe I will contact pay pal and tell them Jorge is a scam and so is psyforums, because I believe what is written here and I have seen them deleting posts and topics like one on you TOBY.

Sorry we have all been scammed. I see the police will soon be involved and western nion investigations? This pleases me so much.

Jilly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

spellcstersre pure computer is bitdodgy ive comeup with bit of n ide one huge psychic ttckon them sorry bout typing computer is not very good

Anonymous said...

Embyra is part of the scam, it was all a trick they pretended she had cheated her way into the forum to make them look good.

They never intended to make lots of money out of Embyra, but they had to make her website look real and genuine with cheap spells and pay pal buttons. None of the expensive trick sites have the buttons as they want to talk you into spending lots.

I wrote to all the spell casters on psyforums and realised they where the same person therefore I ordered from another spell cater, a lovely lady whose spells are working. I only which I could point you all in her direction, but I understand what Toby says there.

My feelings are all the websites slated and badmouthed on psyforums are genuine and real competition to the Jorge and Sharon scams. All those they say are good such as Deborah, Samantha, Lee Ann etc are all the same person and clearly SCAMS - AVOID.

Anonymous said...

And now to add to the long list of victimized people. I too was swindled big time.

I'm posting because of Jilly's post...when I contacted Jorge about all these talk about casters being fake, forum being rigged with planted clients to promote them, he answered me the exact same thing "be careful of those forums"-that's it, short and sweet and proceeded with, "here's what it will cost to do all the spells you need...5,000 Us Dollars!!!" - and yes I can also pay installment, but the first payment had to be 2,000 or he won't sart which will guarantee him a good enough amount when later on I refuse to pay balance bec the spell won't work anyway, but only Jorge knows that. Good thing, this whole mess blew up and the transaction never happened with Jorge. It was too late for me when it came to Samantha, Deborah, Lee Ann and Maria.

These people have really thought long and hard how to swindle us poor folks who just simply need some help in current situations in life.

Just really hope that the REAL spell casters and witches who can REALLY help people like us get together and finally put a stop to this. Isn't there an organization of some sort that can do this? Just asking.

Toby, thank you for your courage to speak out, I can't be as vocal, I posted once, only once in the forum and I was banned...after that I just observe and try to figure out how I can still be helped? I mean, for many of us, this is the last resort. And many still fall victim to the scam.

Toby said...

I have today received a number of threats from I have contacted my attorney who confirmed to me they are committing a criminal offence by sending threatening messages over the Internet and I will now be taking legal action against them as the threats are of an extremely serious nature.

I am now more determined than ever to keep this blog running.

Thank you for your support, please continue to post your stories.

Toby X

Anonymous said...

{{Toby}} it worries me that these evil creatures are now threatening you. Please keep the Blog up and running. These criminals belong behind bars. Hopefully they will never have an internet connection ever again. I wrote to all their internet providers and reported them for abuse. They are now being investigated. If you are in search of a good attorney, I work for one with offices in 86 countries. Will write you an email with the info.

Anonymous said...

Poor Toby, sorry they are attacking you even more. I just want to thank you, I too was paying Jorge in instalments, I’ve paid $2000.00 so far but needed to pay a further $2000 next week by Western Union. I will not now pay. I know I’ve lost $2000.00, but it’s better than another $2000.00 on top.

I had to pay this person:

Elisa Araquelian
Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jorge said he was too busy to collect the money but his sister’s friend Elisa would collect it. It made sense at the time and I was so grateful I could pay in parts.

My situation remains the same, ie my boyfriend is happy with his new girlfriend. I hope I can find a good spell caster. I am not giving up as I want my boyfriend back.

Anonymous said...

Jorge is who I used too, but also Lee Ann who charged $859 for a spell that did nothing.

Jorge made me pay £1499.00 by Western Union, I too sent it to Elisa Araquelian, but he told me she was his mother, so that is another lie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Toby,

due to prior experience, I was let myself be lured into luckily one of the "cheap" spells of the sites listed. Having fallen for one of the cons mentioned on your site, but not in relation to psyforums. I saw the ripoff reports prior to your site, but the combination of both did prevent me from going further.

My personal story is nearly identical to yours, thus I felt like placing a comment.

One experience made me personally very suspicious of that site: I can not comply with the communicative attitude of one of the casters listed on psyforums in my case: A standard reply after payment, no response to questions since.

Crossing fingers for you project.



Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear about all of you people who have been ripped off by this, but what were you thinking when you forked over so much money??? I'm assuming everyone who has been hurt believes in wiccan or pagan practices, so my advice is to find a good book on the subject and do it your selves!!
Sincerely, Janice Dominguez.

Anonymous said...

toby, you have our support.

i want to see psyforums nailed down. and i want maria et al to rot in jail.
they have brought nothing else than grief and destruction into peoples lives.

piece of advice: do not support

they are on their way to hell - that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Amita Dragonspell of is promoted on psyforums and no wonder she is another fake, she ripped me off $4500 with her various spells, and 100% inaccurate readings. She’s a nasty foul mouthed witch too, if you want sympathy and loving care - avoid that evil old dragon.

On the other hand I did find Samantha of to be sweet and caring, but after spending even more ($7750.00) with her and no results I must say I am extremely disappointed, but she is also promoted on

I do not think these two are the same person as Amita is really nasty, and threatening and bullies you - you cannot even ask her how your spell is going without getting a stern reply. Samantha at least uses sweet talk.

Whatever I have been ripped off by both, my ex girlfriend is engaged to be married to another man after spending nearly $10,000.00 on spells.

I give up.

I am genuinely sorry you are all suffering, but my pain comes out in anger as you can tell. I want both of these creatures to die and early death. I wish it on them, and Amita I wish a painful death.

Anonymous said...

Sharon Notre-Dame will not reply to my emails now for 12 days. I paid her $900, I couldn’t afford the best spell, but she said the $900 one would work but it hasn’t. I paid by western union. I am another victim, I wonder how many of us there are, 100s?

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble with Sharon too, I gave her $1600 a month ago and results haven’t appeared and she hasn’t written to me for 2 weeks.

I am feeling awful now because I paid $859 to Lee Ann and Jorge $1500, other forum users encouraged me to order more spells, now I am thinking that was their task to befriend me. I got banned from the forum for posting this message ”Hi, anyone know why Sharon isn’t answering emails?”

I am desperate for help and deep down I knew this was all a trick, I just didn’t want to face up to it.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I have stumbled across this blog. I was seriously considering purchasing a spell through Jorge, Sharon or Isodore. I can't believe just how close I came to losing a lot of money through these predators of th broken hearted. I was always a little suss on how basic all the websites were although I am no expert in web design. So now I wonder if Magick does work and if so where does one find someone authentic to help?

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here reading all of your posts and it truly brings such anger and disgust to my heart. I pray these horrible, evil and deceitful people truly receive 10 times the pain that they have inflicted on you all. I had wrote to P.Jorge and Venusspells about a woman who is putting blackmagic on me yet again (11 years she has been doing this) and I received one email from Jorge and one from Samantha but they have not responded to me stating how much they want. I wish I knew of a REAL website that truly can cast spells that work, as I am sure all of you wish as well. :( I pray you all find the peace and happiness in your lives that you deserve. I am going to return to the faith I first started in, santeria. It has never failed me. I just need to find someone now. Thank you all for posting your results from those disgusting people, you all have saved a lot of others from becoming victims.


Anonymous said...

I didn't receive a response from Sharon for 4 weeks. I don't think she is working any longer. Cannot read in psyforums, no access. I am sooooooooooo mad.

Anonymous said...

Lee Ann ripped me off $859 then asked for more money to remove a curse, which a genuine psychic I regularly visit told me is non existent. She said too Lee Ann is a fake and I should do a chargeback and request a refund, so I am.

Why don’t all the good witches join together and cast a spell on psyforums to vanish?

Anonymous said...

Jorge took advantage of me for $1499.00 his biggest and best spell, no results (???) and when I asked why he said the same as many others have been told - YOU ARE CURSED. Amazing how we all have these curses? Actually I am usually quite lucky, though unlucky to get scammed by Jorge.

I was asked to send money to his wife’s brother in Sweden by Western Union. The name Jorge supplied was: Jonas Anderbring, Solna, Sweden. Jorge is opening a energetic center there, yeah right.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I never got results with Lee Ann and she never answers. I send payment to Sinus SP when I paid for spells from Altea and Deborah.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this helps or not but these are the paypal account names and the emails they use for paypal

Temple non us verified SP--non us varified

Angelslovesplell--Dynamic Supernatural Services

ProfesorJorge--For the Magick.

Double check all of your purchases and see if you paid to these account or email address. Also has anyone looked into contacting yahoo and hotmail to let them know of this illegal activity using their serices.

Anonymous said...

hey there are other sites that are involved in this scam also like, there are also par of it, damn them

Anonymous said... took $12,000.00 from me in 4 months, I didn’t realise it was all part of this much bigger scam psyforums.

I took out a bank loan of $5000 to pay for the last series of weekly spells to remove my curse.

I paid all this money by western union and no longer will Milena reply.

I am feeling suicidal after learning all this, I don’t think I can go on...

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe what I am reading ... I thought Lee Ann was for real and now all of my hopes and dreams are shattered. I have paid her for 5 spells because either I ruined my spell or else she found new problems.

It’s very stressful what I am reading here. I paid Lee Ann by Western union, the money went to Argentina, so I cannot get a refund? Or can I? Can they be tracked, don’t they have to produce ID with their address, they can be caught collecting the money if we complain to WU?

I have lost $7800.00 in total, my first spell cost $549 then they got really dear.

Anonymous said...

Sharon still didn't get back to me, it's 6 weeks now. I am fed up with them, really. I am totally fed up with their stupid psyforums. This forum has brought so much pain to me and you all. I am still waiting to get my money back, they will rule in my favor in 2-3 days. Cannot wait to find me a real spell caster.

Anonymous said...

Deborah requested 850.00 through western union that should have been the first sign. One Deborah rec'd the funds she advised me to get 3 candles and to email her back once i did that Deborah proceeded to asking for another 650.00 which I then informed her I didn't have the extra funds.Then she stated to email her back once I had the money. I advised her I don't have it and would seek a refunded or I would report her to the rip off report. That is when she threaten me with stating i was messing around with the wrong person she can cause me harm. I would like some action to be taken and a refund if possible, I will fax you the Western Union stuff tonight. Thank you Toby, I should have known better.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Lee Ann cast a spell for me costing $800 it failed to work, now she wants more money which I do not have, she is not replying to me either. 45 days have past, I cannot get my money back from paypal i don’t think?

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend now hates me that’s how much Samantha’s best spell helped me. Today she tells me I am cursed? That’s rubbish, she has told too many people on this blog the same.

I paid by paypal too, I will do a chargeback but I have also passed 45 days, I didn’t pay by credit card, bank funds. $1500 stolen.

Anonymous said...

Samantha of and are the evilest people I have ever had the misfortune to collide with. I only asked one question and the banned me, this was after taking $4500. from me using Western Union to Sweden to Jens Johansson. I am reporting him because he must be the real owner of these cheating websites.

Anonymous said...

Lee ann who is a fraudulent witch , she cast 7spells for me to be reunited with my ex, but she never came back and now says she prays she never see me again. All of my hope is lost, it is a very cruel website.

Anonymous said... is if I am not mistaken? I am devastated by Samantha of she promised me the world, she promised to return my soulmate to me, instead she stole $15,000 for me with her lies. Has anyone lost more? That’s all my money gone and when I ran out, she just annoused “well maybe it really is time for you to move on, time is a great healer.” I didn’t pay $15,000 for that bo*****Ks. I could shoot her, shoot the forum.

Do not use them, THIEVES,

Anonymous said...

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded it says on Psyforums, BASTARDs that’s a lie. I paid $1500 to Sharon ND, $3000 to Jorge and worst of and that bitch Samantha had me paying her $8000.

They keeping talking of stupid past life curse, real curse and said VENUS was working in reverse for me whatever that mean, I asked but no response.

I posted on the forum last night: thieves may you rot in hell. 15 minutes later it was gone and I was locked out of the forum, then 30 minutes later this Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. This may well be a trick. I told them I am going to the police.

Anonymous said...

Yes I’ve been getting that bandwidth thing. I’ve been watching the forum out of curiosity, the entire thing has always looked like a complete sham to me, they deleted postings all the time. Many times I’ve seen someone post Scam, or RIP Off or ‘Please read this before it gets deleted.’ It happened three times in an hour once. I thought maybe I am actually the only person not banned at one time.

I am sorry to find the blog, I am amazed at what you have all lost. Contact your credit card companies, report your Western Union transaction as a scam, contact Paypal, don’t let them get away with it. I hope they get arrested.

Anonymous said...

what's surprising me is all the fake made up posters posting about their results with jorge, samantha, sharon etc. etc. or the one's who have met them in person or spoken to them over the phone...LOL

i tried creating a new name and enter the forum - nope, i'm completely blocked from psyforum! wanted to cause a bit of havoc - of well, nevermind.

toby, how's everything coming along?

morning_star, london

Anonymous said...

4 weeks ago I set out to find a spell caster to help me find my son. He was kidnapped 4 years ago. I found I took my time to read the website and all I read is that this woman is the best of all and she only recommends casters! This is when people should open their eyes and watch out for these RED FALGS.

So I tell her my story and poured my heart to her, she told me not to worry and that she knows we will find my son. She continued by saying that my case needed a lot of work and that she personally knew the right spell caster for my case. She recommended and told me he will find my son.

I bought the spell from this man, he charged me 5,000 dollars and had me send it via western union to Argentina, he told me to send the money to his assistant. So I did like I was told. I sent the money to MARIA MAGDALENA NIRENSTIEN in San Isidro Buenos Aires.

Jorge kept telling me that my son will be found in less than a week and that he was still alive. He gave so much hope and I believed him.

2 weeks after the spell, Profesor Jorge started ignoring my E- mails. So I went back to and expressed my anger regarding her recommendation.

She told me it would be best to hire another spell caster so she recommended another one. This time she told me to try another. it did not work either.

So now I find out that is Maria Magdalena Nirenstein. I had someone find who owns and guess what they found.
They confirmed that is indeed own by the Argentina con woman Maria Magdalena Nirenstein from San Isidro Buenos Aires.

We also found out that is another SCAM TRAP for new victims. These thieves use this site to trick people into purchasing their Fake fraudulent services. Another scam uncovered. I hope they all rot in hell. is a fraud created by by this Isidro low life...she will get cancer and die this year.
I am so sad...

Anonymous said...

I was floored when I saw an ad on google saying that is a FRAUD. My god she has just recommended one of her best spellcaster friend Isidro from Oh my god I see this SCAM loud and clear. Thank you Toby.
You are certainly fighting for a great cause...keep exposing these bastards. Is there anything I can do to help?

I am ready to donate money and even time to help you in any way I can.

Anonymous said...

I was not that lucky. has ruined me in every emotional aspect. I really thought that I was dealing with a good person who just wants to help guide people to the an honest authentic practitioner but instead she herded me right to her slaughter house, and we all now know that there is no profesorjorge, there is no psychic Dena and there is no It is all a scam created by an a hungry Argentinean con woman Maria Magdalena Nirenstein.
I lost 5,700 dollars to these bastards! they asked me to send the money via western Union to Jens Johansson In Kista Sweden.

By the way there is a third person who is with them. He is from France. Please look into this. This really a gang of low life CROOKS. GO GET THESE CON ARTISTS, TOBY!

Just another victim of Maria Magdalena Nirenstein.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Omar here. I am so sad about this. I lost 3,800 dollars and I have to thank for that. Fucking thieves.
I will get you MARIA! we have your address B@#&*#H. The world is very small indeed.
Toby I am faxing you my western union reciept as we speak. It was sent to Jens Johansson in kista Sweden.
I want to help get these F@@@@@&&%^$##ers. How can I help?

Anonymous said...

I wish ... that the forum had used up all it’s bandwidth, it’s back and as ugly as ever.

I used one spell caster Lee Ann, I paid $69 when that didn’t work she offered me a spell package for $895.00 like a fool I paid for it.

No results, she just keeps asking for more money and saying PSYFORUMS Com isn’t anything to do with her and she doesn’t like it either!!!!?????

It is all a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy! I have to be honest with you. I came onto this blog at one time thinking that this may have just been a blog to bash on the real spell casters of psyforum.


I have been on the forum now for a while and was thinking that I was in a community of people that was going through the same thing I was. I was on there and was just questioning about my spell and how I have been patiently waiting for results. #1 the post got deleted within 5 mins and #2 I was also permanently banned! This is crazy. Now I have tried to email my "CASTER" that I have hired off psy forums and guess what? My emails are now being sent back! I have payed over 1500.00 to this caster and got nothing. Please be aware of psy forums and there illegal scams! This needs to stop thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

I lost my girl due to some stupidity form my part. The truth is that she caught me with her cousin. I hurt her deeply. She dumped me. I know what I did was wrong but I was completely drunk. She did not want to hear it and even stated going out with my best friend. I pleaded with her but to no avail. I went on line and found I explained my situation to her and what I needed done. We exchanged a lot of e mails,, she was very sweet and answer all my questions and all that...she decided that was the best place for me to get my love spell. So I went there and was charged 2,800 dollars he said my girl will be back to me in 2 weeks max. guess what? It never worked and now I know why. I was scammed by psychic Deana who guided me right to I was told to send the money to his assistant In ISIDRO ARGENTINA her name was MARIA MAGDALENA NIRENSTEIN. I SENT IT VIA WESTERN UNION JUST LIKE THEY REQUESTED.
It has been 157 days since the spell was cast...nothing has changed and my girl is now engaged. I am heart broken beyond repair.
Toby expect my western union receipts within the hour.
This is what I have to say to you MARIA MAGDALENA NIRENSTEIN I wish you a horrible death, a bad accident or terminal cancer will do. I hope you will lose your most precious thing...your life. If some angry victim of yours does not kill you then god will.
You deserve to be beaten for hours then thrown to the GATORS. I have no respect or mercy for you PUTA! you are a real will tremble before me the day you expire...the world will be a much better place without you in it, PUTA!!!!!!

I am going to be worst than toby...expect me like you expect Jesus to come back. Bitch the world is a very small place. You have crossed a point of no return, seriously. You will pay!

Anonymous said...

I can understand your anger MARIAKILLA, but I no longer have the energy to go on myself, psyforums are killing me slowly but surely with their false promises. 2 of their main casters have failed to bring my ex back, between them I have paid almost $4500 to date.

Samantha of Venus Love Spells com completely let me down, I thought it was spell failure but alas it is my failure to spot a scam.

Professor Jorge told me I needed many spells casting, my case was beyond repair otherwise. I am half way through my work with him and now I have found this blog. I tried incredibly hard to convince myself it was not true, I know it is and it is the end of the road for me. I am a single mon, I need my daughter’s father back in our lives. I told her her daddy would be back soon, but now I do not believe he will.

Anonymous said...

I agree mariakilla, Maria is so vile she needs blasting off this planet and as far away as possible like hell, although that is too good for her.

She took $3000 off me by cheating and lying, but I kept my Western union receipts (I’ve just faxed them Toby). I’ll not rest until that evil pile of rat’s vomit pays the price for what she has done to me. I’ve lost the only woman I ever loved thanks to her.

Maria is a vile, hideous disease on the face of this planet, may wild dogs chew her brain (?).


Anonymous said...

Some very heated comments, but after having your heartbroken and then having your money taken off you you are bound to feel some powerful emotions. Mine are a mixture of anger and hopelessness.

I lost a lot, more than anyone else has mentioned and I am too embarrassed to say how much and why. I was a fool, completely taken in. I didn’t get any kind of result. I don’t get any replies now, and the forum banned me a couple of weeks ago for asking “is it possible Samantha is a scam?”

I’ve no one to talk to about this, I am hopeful by posting here I will help others as well as myself by sharing my story.

Anonymous said... is nothing but a scam created by an Argentinean con woman named MARIA MAGDALENA NIRENSTEIN , A RESIDENT OF SAN ISIDRO.
NOW THAT I KNOW WHO IS BEHIND I can honestly say that this PUTA needs an attitude adjustment. This deceiving imposter had me spill my gouts out to her. I told her my personal secrets and problems. Maria you a a low life JEW! you are disgrace to the Jewish people worldwide. How could you?
I hope your entire family dies, and if you have any kids I hope they get kidnapped, tortured and killed.
You deserve all that is bad and even god knows it.
I lost my husband to another woman, she used to work for him. Any way he filed for divorce and asked me to sign and let him go. I refused, I mean I love the man with every fiber in my being. Samantha from robbed me of 4,000 dollars, and yes me too...she played me like everyone else. This bitch had me send the money to her. Send it to my assistant she said...right! I sent the money via western union to MARIA MAGDALENA NIRENSTEIN in Argentina.
She got her money the next day.
She said that her spell are so powerful and my husband will not divorce me and will let go of the other woman. None of this took place. He divorced me 1 week after the spell was cast. Today it has been two months and I am now broke and without a husband. Thanks to that JEWISH PUTA MARIA MAGDALENA NIRENSTEIN.
I kept complaining and then asked her for my money back, she never replied. So I went to this is Maria's office. In this website is where she gets all her victims. So I went there and I wrote Maria Magdalena Nirenstein is a crook...guess what she deleted it and banned me from the forum.
Toby I have just Faxed you my western union receipt. Let me know if you need anything else from me.


Anonymous said...

I used because psychic Dena directed me to it after I had consulted her for guidance.

A long story’s short I have paid slightly over $5,700 to Loretta via Western Union so far.

I am afraid that she will ask for more money at anytime to continue what she is doing.

I am scared if I have fallen into a trap and I am now worried if she is for real.

Anonymous said... is the same website that scammed me out of almost $6000, to get my fiancee to return to me. She has not and will not ever as she has married another after a whirlwind romance with a guy she met a week after my spell was cast.

Several spells failed to prevent the wedding. I too send money to Maria Magdalena Nirenstein using Western Union. My receipts have been faxed to Toby as well, he must have a big pile of them?

I think Maria Magdalena Nirenstein will soon be in prison Tanya, where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

The forum is being run by scammers and several of the members in the forum are just one or two people running the whole thing using different user names, of course they'll deny that and say stuff like: Ohhh I'm very real, I'm a real person yada yada! Whateverrrrrrr! You have to be pretty thick not to see through the s*it. Phil

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog I tried to get these psyforums people (jorge, samantha etc) to let me "pay" using bank-to-bank transfer. They really believed I was interested in their spells. I convinced them that I was a guy who had a short penis and wanted to cheat on my girlfriend and get another girl. I told them that I was from India and sending money abroad is banned there. But when I insisted that I need to know their bank account details as I will only be able to pay using electronic money transfer, I guess they realized I was trying to scam them. I even took care to get my buddy from India to send the emails from there (so that they wouldn't know even if they were checking the IP address). hehehhe. Oh well, I tried.....

Anonymous said...

Samantha of venuslovespells stole $4600 from me after breaking her promise to bring my husband back, he wants a divorce and his new girlfriend is pregnant, this means I have lost him forever, I have to face up to it.

Samantha said I was cursed and charged me a whooping $2200.00 just to get rid of the curse, but that failed as my situation is 200 times as bad now.

These psyforums people and Samantha, the same person? Are evil, I don’t know how they can sleep at night.

angel said...

Hi Toby,
I am a victim too. I was conned by this woman, Lee Ann of US$400 over. I ordered the spells 4 months ago and still waiting for the result. She told me to wait and I am still waiting until when I came across your website and was shocked to find out what's happening to all of us here. Thanks Toby for being so brave and forthcoming to regard about this matters. I think if its me only then I wouldn't know what to do and I will just forgets about it. I have paid through by paypal and is much overdue now. I hope the authorised personnel from paypal to do a full refund to all their customers and checking the list of all their customers that have been cheated by this cruel people.Whether the dates of purchased or validity its overdue or not,we shall all get back our full refund.


Anonymous said...

Dear Toby

My heart bleeds for you..I'm sitting with the same story.I'm gay,a woman,and I've tried spellcasting out of pure desperation.
I nearly fell for 3 of those you mentioned, namely,,Sharon Notre-Dame and I went onto those the sceptical I am as I bought 2 spells from Katerina from once I saw what they said on there about her, I lokked at some of the feedback and was directed to the above websites..I couldn't believe my eyes and was really desperate to try one of them..I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog..I'm stunned..I don't have the words to say thankyou from making the biggest mistake of my life.However it still worries me..I don't see on your I save to say I chose right somehow? I ordered from her a week ago. I dont know if you can answer me but I would just like to know? Is there maybe anyone honest and reliable out there that you can recommend please

Anonymous said...

I understamd, but why would a voodoo woman try and cast a spell on it.

Cmon, use a bit of common sense mate, or you will be walked over for the rest of your life.

I'm not being rude, but there are nasty pieces of work on the website, and you managed to stumble upon one.


Anonymous said...

These people need stopping like most psychics and witches. All they want is money to cast a spell that will not work. I paid Lee Ann $1195.00 and nothing worked.

People like her just pray on vulnerability to get money out of you. I am not proud of seeking Lee Ann’s help but if I can make others think twice, I will. Lee Ann’s personal website is at, I found her on

Anonymous said...

your a fuckin idiot for thinking that shit works....sending 4,000 over the internet for a fucking spell...i hate u

Anonymous said...

I was cheated by two of psyforums witches, Lee Ann and Samantha, both said they could help but neither did. I paid by paypal to Lee Ann but Samantha insisted on Western Union and I have kept my receipt and will fax it to you Toby to make sure they get caught and go to jail where the belong.

LeeAnn stole $250, but Samantha made me pay $1999.00 for her Sacred Venus Customised enlighten: Really powerful spell for extreme cases which will provide you great power. Permanent results . No results happened. This was after using MORNING STARXX - 6 wishes. 99 % successful. 10-45 days before spells start to work. Permanent results. U$D 1, 499.00, never worked either, I was the 1%.

I paid money to a man in Sweden called Mr Jonas Anderbring.

Please help to get these people punished Toby.

Anonymous said...

Rishi Bhrigu does black magic, you will find him on psyforums and his own website too: he is not a real witch, he just keeps asking you to pay him more money, he cannot do spells. 5 failed, he said he’d put it right. Now he won’t let me have my money back and says he will shut me up if I do not shut up and stop pestering him. I am scared of him now.

Please can you help me with this person, he is psyforums scamming rip off. I think he is also Lee Ann as she wrote the same quote in an email to me. Risha got $8050 out of me.

Anonymous said...

I have been on to psyforums out of curiosity and every time I do my computer plays up afterwards has anyone else noticed this?

Anonymous said... is a fake, a scam and the same as all of those frauds on psyforums. He has been lying to me for weeks, telling me everything would be okay because I used his Hechizos Spells Service for $1495.00 payable to: Vision Klion. This is the biggest scam ever, I want the website to be blow up by terrorists and the owners with it.

My girlfriend would not come back, now she is engaged to and pregnant by my brother. Everyone has betrayed me, everyone. I hope the scam psyforums gets a taste of their own medicine.

You evil, sick, demented people, no not people ... animals, that’s what you are.

Anonymous said...

I feel suicidal after reading this blog and learning Lee Ann is nothing but a scam. I had put all of my faith in her reuniting me and my ex, now I am learning she is a cold hearted thief.

How can she do this to another human being? She is beyond comprehension and so is psyforums.

I believe in Karma, it will come back to them.

PS I lost $895.00

Anonymous said...

One Month ago I bought a love spell from Sharon Notre dame My boyfriend Dumped me for one of the ugliest woman I have ever seen. I kid you not. Any way, she had a spell put on him. I know he was not him self. It just did not make any sense.

I told Sharon that I wanted him back and for her to break the spell that was cast on David. She charged me 1,500 dollars and promised me results in less than 2 weeks. Well I have not seen or heard from my boyfriend ever since the spell was cast. I wrote Sharon an e mail expressing how disappointed I was, she never replied. By the way I found her through I am so mad at these people I do not know what to say. Well, I filed a charge dispute with pay pal today. Thank you Toby.

Anonymous said...

i am NOT aisha - i am r_une from psyforums and that site is run by crooks and professor jorge, sharon, samanta, deborah and the rest of the gang are all SCAMMERS! if you have paid them, then your $$$ are gone-and-goodbye! mind you several people on the forum (which are run by 2 scammers) try and keep it all together by saying all the sites belong to aisha....folks get a grip. go to rip off report and see how many people have claimed their charges back from PayPal! ramona rx and kelly - go ans s*ew yourself! psyforums is full of s*it and run by scammers. DONT buy any spell from that site!

i have noticed the same people sitting in the forum back-stapping....interesting...when i + others said as much as a tiny bad thing about one of the scam-spell-casters from the site.....then we blocked and our comments were deleted!

you seriously have to be an idiot to think Psyforums is generous. don't give that site any support and don't waste your $$$ on their spells either.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if anyone's up for some detective work here are the ip's to most of the sites listed.

just use google and search for a ip tracker or tracer...

Anonymous said...

Don't get mad, get EVEN! I have posted this comment at ripoff reports. We have been scammed. So are we just going to sit around and ALLOW them to scam other people. Shall we just let them get away with it? My suggestion is to contact YOUR local authorities, the FBI or the CIA as it IS an INTERNATIONAL SCAM. Anyway if their offices are flooded with complaints of all the victims, I'm sure somebody would be curious enough to look in on it.They WILL probably use other names as Paypal etc have already been informed of their ploy. Stand up and fight. We can do this TOGETHER!

Anonymous said...

Maria Niernstein and Jens, if you read this:



Anonymous said...

Psyforums hardly has any real members:

I have not purchased anything from them, but I have watched the forum out of curiosity. It is clear Jens and Maria are most of the members, making ludicrous unreal comments. How on earth can Prof Jorge grant results when he doesn’t exist? If he was truly powerful he would have a massive website and not need to hide within Psyforums on a cheap nasty website. He wouldn’t need idiots who cannot spell to get clients for him.

Study the forum, then compare it to other forums on the Internet, do other forums have such bad grammar and spelling when forum users make a post? No, but Jens and Maria think everyone who uses Psyforums is stupid.

I am glad to read their days are numbered, I hope you mean they are going to be shot? They have given the spell casting industry a bad name. I personally have used a couple of genuine websites, I pray you people find them yourselves.

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

I have been lurking on that Psyforum and oh my did I laugh. Come on folks, those peeps on there are like 1 person or something. And those spell casters what's that mans name Jorge and those other cheap sluts of women spell casters HA HA I mean, they don't even excist (just like the previous poster said) so how can people see results LOL obviously Psyforums is just a laughing stock and the few members on there are severe loosers. Paying $2000 for a spell and then another $400 because the first $2000 didn't work...HELLOOOOO

Of course they try to rescue their own skin in regards to PayPal - after all Psyforums is how they make their living, so who wouldn't come up with a different story.

I am not Aida either, sorry folks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Annie,

A million thanks to Toby and this blog for I was going to do the biggest mistake of my life. I just mailed Samantha and Sharon about my situation asking for a spell. Thank heavens I found this before.
So, my quest for an honest real spell caster hasn't ended yet. Please if anybody knows of a spell caster who is not a rip-off and whose spells actually work, mail me at

Anonymous said...

I think too Psyforums is run by about two people posting silly comments like children about fake spell casters. This Maria and Jens are living in a fantasy world, they suffer from bipolar illnesses - they will either end up in jail or mental institutions, they are losing the plot. There is no Samantha, Jorge or Sharon, Lee Ann ...

Sorry you got scammed Toby, and thanks to you mate this is all over the Internet, surely no one is still ordering from them? They are pretending all is okay, yet they know Jens will soon be arrested and jailed, while Maria is locked up in a mental hospital. Personally I’d rather feed them to the alligators.

I’ve been fortunate to find a real witch, but I am sorry for all of you who put your faith in these con men, their luck has run out.

Anonymous said...

I had a spell cast by both Sharon and Jorge in May.

No results! No replies to my emails.

I lost in total over $5000!!!!

Thank God I payed via PayPal.

I then tried posting my complaint about these two casters on Psyforums, but my post got deleted and I was blocked from the site within 15 minutes. Funny thing is, none of the mods were online to delete my thread + block me, the action was taken by one of the members in the forum, and this it where it clicked for me. That site is run by a scammer. Sitting there telling people which sites to go to, deleting, editing posts, blocking people, making up new posts, inventing new members, spell casting results and this and that.

What surprises me is that the people behind the scam are getting away with it. Since you guys have their addresses why haven't there been any further action? I see a lot of talk but no real action.

I would love to see Jens and Maria go to jail or catch painful cancer or get shot, but will it really happen?

They have ruined my life, I have lost my husband because of this, lost my job, lost my brain. DO THEY REALIZE HOW MUCH DAMAGE THEY'VE CAUSED???? I want revenge, and I want it so fucking badly. I know of a lady near New Orleans, she practice's serious back voodoo and she might be worth a try, because Jens and Maria are NOT getting away with this. And you guys need to get the finger out and stop sitting here moaning and not do anything about it. GET REVENGE! Find a proper spell caster and cast a spell on Maria and Jens. DO IT! I want these two creeps crawling on their knee's in serious pain! They have destroyed my life and now I want theirs destroyed too. Toby dear, what's happening???? Are you game? Are you all in on this? Lets all cast a spell on Maria and Jens, the more the better.


Anonymous said...

I filed a complaint with paypal about Samantha Venus witch and lee ann as both are fakes. Samantha I want her to give me back my $799.00 and Lee ann owes me $295.
So they will soon go to prison? I hope I get my money back first.
My ex said he hates me, this is two months after the spells, he said “I hate you, f-off you ulgy, fat cow, and if I never see you again it will be too soon”. This for me is the end, he was so cold. There is no way I can believe he will ever love me again, I saw hatred in his eyes.

Anonymous said...

funny....have you noticed how all the long time 'trusted' members on psyforums have animal pics in their avatar? i bet it's so that maria and jens don't get confused. of course after this post here i'm sure they'll change it a bit. lol, they're such jerks those two

Anonymous said...

I was almost taken by these guys. What stopped me was the fact that I went to the thread on I noticed that the member number for each post was one after another and then I noticed that the grammer mistakes were all the same in each post. "I bought a spell TO Sharon" It seems like the same person with a not so good command of the english language. I started looking around and noticed the grammer mistakes in many posts were the same. The same grammer mistakes that are made on the websites

Anonymous said...

I noticed too that all the websites have been written by the same person, so I took my custom else where and found a great spell caster.

I doubt very much in there is a Jorge or Sharon, it is all one big horrible scam. Keep away.

Anonymous said...

I too was scammed out of $1200 from Sharon Notre-Dame, can you tell me who to contact to see about getting my money back. I did pay through paypal will they help me out? It has been 30 days.

Anonymous said... SecondChance Jens or Maria? I have noticed that that person spends A LOT of time on that least for someone who pretends to have a life LOL - not to mention the bad spelling just like samantha, deborah et al. I mean come one folks...that site has had it.
When are we going to see some action taken against Jens and Maria? We know their addresses, We know they scam people....but Psyforums is still running, still scamming etc. etc...! I am a bit confused by the whole thing.
Toby, what are your plans so far??

Anonymous said...

So many victims! Sad, but how could they have been so stupid?

Anonymous said...

Hi I used Josue Lenior does anyone know if he is a fake ?

He took not as much as others $250 but it was all I had.

Who can I trust now :- (

Anonymous said...

Toby, I used to be on Psyforums as 'Miffy' my account has been barred and i am unable to access the site.
I told people not to trust Moonspells and the rest of the spell casters on the site as i believed it was a con!
I also sent a harsh e-mail to Moonspells and Wiccanwitchcraft as i believe they are the same people. I did my own research and found out when various sites were created there were a couple that were created on the same day as eachother and would you believe it , the same time, this was more than a coinsidence. BIG CON!!!

Moonspells have not returned my recent e-mails requesting a refund and i bet i won't hear from them again! I have wasted so much money with them and Wiccanwitchcraft, totalling around £1,000.


Sal said...

Through paypal i paid $750 to two months ago and that lady never replied me back.Her name is SHARON.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading psyforums for some time now; and have noticed that NOW their page is suspended!!

Does anyone know why or what is going on?

Anonymous said...

Could you let me know if the forum down now. I have checked all week and it now says webmaster contact customer support.
Does this mean its down.
I am just wondering if its just showing that to me as who is says its still active.
I know some people get banned from using it from their ips.
Please could you post this so I could get a responce.

Anonymous said...

I have been scammed by twice. Thanks to your blog I realized that and will try to get the word out from now on. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

wow. you all need to take all this money you apparently have lying around, hire a hacker, and have THEM take care of the problem for you. karma be damned, why do you think people dabbled in witchcraft in the first place? PERSONAL. GAIN. the scales are obviously not in your favor right now, you need to tip them.

Anonymous said...

OMG I am so glad that I found this. After using calastrology, and katerina from best spells who had told me results in 60 days, I decided to go searching for "faster results". I found psyforums last night and stayed up till midnight reading all the posts. Could find little to nothing about my two websites but saw nothing but Prof Jorge and some serious drama about Aisha which I wasn't even interested in. I don't know what made me google psyforums today but I am sooooo thankful I did. I was about a day away from doing some serious research on Prof Jorge, although I don't think I would have been able to afford it in the end. I think the real people with real abilities find it unecessary to charge and arm and a leg. Good Luck to you Toby!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you all that many people went through this same scam a couple of years ago. Johannsen was a person call "Donald Yung" and actually there was a blog on Donald Yung that was started. Don't know if it is still around, but if you read it, you'll see they set up this "rating" system of spell casters and everyone falls sucker for it! I mean really, I was in that same place, so I don't judge anyone. Reality, no one can guarantee magick to work. If they do, it is a scam. 2nd, what I've come to realize is that magick is all about your intention along with some astrological features, etc.

I wish you all the best and I am sorry to see this scam is still going on with different names.

Anonymous said...

I am soo sorry for each and everyone of us. It really is disgusting. They have completely robbed us at our time of emotional vulnerability--they make me ill and perhaps the only comfor is that I know they will be miserable when they rot in hell someday. Lee Ann was by far the worse...she seemed so kind, sweet, and genuine, and instilled all sense of faith and hope that she would bring him back to results and no retur of emails I didn't even know it was possible that such scum existed to this degree!! As awful as everything is, it is somewhat comforting to know that there are others out there that have been where we are---not that I would ever want anyone else to have to experience this...but it is somehwat of a bond that we all share!! Thank you to Toby and I hope we can save some other people from potential heartache and robbery! Lets nail these bastards!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Last year I was at my wits end. I owed over JA$300,000.00 in debt. Still do. I came across psychic forum and read how Deborah love spells worked for many people. I scraped together over two hundred dollars, hoping I would have been helped at least to win enough to pay off my debts. Only to fund out that Deborah was a man called Robert Nawrocki who lives in Sweden. His site is still up and running and he actually has the audacity to answer all emails personally. Beware of Deborah Spells!!!

Anonymous said...

Deborah Oh my goodness what a piece of work she is. She is also running a few other sites. Maybe she is also really a he. whatever the case, she is a fake. She uses your personal information to blackmail you when you try to get your money back. She is dirty, rotten scoundrel

Anonymous said...

Hello out there. I have to admit I was scammed by High Priestess Faera, at I purchased a Lottery win Spell in November of 2007. I was told to pay half up front and then pay the other half after I had won the lottery. We kept in touch for 6 whole months. Then one day I went to check the website and it had been taken down. I was flabbergasted. I could not belive it. I sent countless emails asking for my refund because after all they said they would honor it. I never heard anything back from Faera. I have heard they work a circuit of websites. Thebestof2worlds is run by them. All of the websites listed execept for is all of Faera's and her cronies. This is very sad for people to hurt others like this. But KARMA is bad when it comes back to bite you. Be careful Faera you never know when it will be your turn.

Paul from WA

Anonymous said...

I have been a victim of these crooks as well via Although they only got $50 dollars out of me, if was money that could have gone elsewhere. The same money back guarantee, and all that bull shiz.. After I sent her three emails complaining, she told me that too many people were complaining and that we would all have to order another spell at half price.. I knew then that I'd been had. I still feel like an idiot, but at least now i know better. :/

Anonymous said...

Is Deborah Love Spells ( real or Scam? She asked to make payment thru. Western Union and send to Sweden. I don't feel good about sending money to Sweden...she is in US and why she needs the money send to Sweden?

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